Why Spying on Your Kids is a Duty

30 May

As a parent you not only have the right to monitor your children, you have the responsibility to do it. Do not buy into the rhetoric of giving them too much leeway or even trust for that matter. Parents know which children can be generally trusted. They also know which ones that are more deceptive. It is a hard thing to admit, but not all kids are 100 percent honest. However, we still have a duty to protect them. My wife and I were looking at cell phone spy software reviews to monitor our children’s smartphone use. We told them that we were going to use every means possible to monitor their behavior in texting and Internet usage before we even gave them the phones.

We have three children. One is very honest. The other one can be a little deceptive at times. Mostly, he just evades giving straight answers rather than outright lying. If you are a parent, you know what I mean. The oldest one has been caught in several falsehoods. It was through finding a program to use on their smartphones by reading the cell phone spy software reviews that we discovered some petty criminal activity he was up to. All of the behavior was being encouraged by his best friend who was a pathological liar and manipulator. He was getting other kids to steal things for his gain. It was like a mini Dickens novel being acted out in our neighborhood.

The criminal activity was shoplifting small things at first. He would encourage his “friends” to steal small items and work their way up to bigger things. The kid had a stash of electronics and other things he was selling online that were stolen. Everything from candy to game consoles and cell phones were found hidden in the attic of his house. The boy was arrested and sent to juvenile detention. His parents had no idea what was going on. The kid was cool, likeable and popular. Now, a year later, our oldest is a different child. He has even come and told us he was crazy to be sucked in by such a manipulator. Imagine what might have happened if we weren’t “spying” on our kid.

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