The Idea of a Thing Can Continue

02 Mar

When we think of digital freedoms, few of us turn our thoughts toward the and yet it the Pirate Bay has become the most infamous, if not the most important, platform of freedom and digital rigths on the web. You might think me foolish for saying this because it’s true that they are associated with illegal pirating, but they are also offer their torrenting services for legit business reasons. Again and again The Pirate Bay has been shut down because of this association when they themselves do not host any sort of pirated material, only the links in which users share.

Despite this, the Pirate Bay has managed to spread its message of digital freedom and digital rights by forming their own political party. This party has done what it can in their home country to influence political policy in hopes that they’ll be able to continue spreading their message of personal rights and beliefs on both the web as well as here in the real physical world. They have been doing truly good work but their continued associated with illegal torrenting and online piracy has done little to help their cause and yet it’s important for them to continue onward. It’s a long, rough road ahead for these people.

Unfortunately for the Pirate Bay, everything is stacked against them. Multi-national corporations are doing everything that they can to ensure that the Pirate Bay folds. That they disappear from the eyes of the digital masses to forever stand as anexample. As amistake.These companies are spending millions upon millions of dollars to place public pressure on the Pirate Bay and to bring them down. Unfortunartely, I do not think that the Pirate Bay can do much against the face of this – not as a centralized entity. As an idea, I believe it can continue on.

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