My Roommate is Not Quite Right

04 Nov

I had to find a roommate, but I did not really know how to do it. I did realize that just picking a random person was going to be risky. It is a bad thing if you get one that you can not get along with or most of all one that is that you get one that does not pay their share of the bills. At any rate this guy fancies himself a hacker and he was trying to teach me how to snapchat hacked. In fact this made me curious since he was using a program that you could find on the web if you really wanted to do it and I wondered how this is legal. The answer is that it is not legal if you are using it to hack something that you do not own. If you buy a phone and someone has snapchat on it, then you can do that.

So if you buy a phone and then give it to some other person, husband or wife, son or daughter, girlfriend or boyfriend. Then it is legal for you to spy on them with this program. It is your phone and you get to do with it what you want to do. I suppose that obviously your boss could spy on you in all sorts of ways, so I guess that if you have a company phone you should probably be very careful about doing anything your boss would not like. It is a silly thing for you to do this though, because you are very likely to get caught and it is only going to poison the relationship. I suppose if you suspected your girlfriend and did not care about losing her, then this might be a great idea for you. I like my girlfriend though.

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