Monitoring My Child’s Cell Phone

12 Dec

I made an agreement with my 12 year old daughter when she continued to tell me she was old enough for a cell phone. Truth be told, I wanted her to have one because of how the world is anymore. I did not want her to be somewhere, needing to reach me but unable to do so because she didn’t have one. I also was a kid though, so I knew she would push her limits on this. I agreed that I would get her a phone, but I also informed her that I was putting Mspy on it.

I told her to go to the website that I had found on it so she could learn all about it too. I know that some people may put this on their children’s phones, or even their spouses, without telling them, but I believe in transparency. I wanted her to know exactly what I was going to be able to see with this tracking software that I was going to have on her phone. I didn’t feel bad about this because she is my daughter, my entire world, and it is my job to make sure she is protected.

She did not understand a lot of what the software can do, so I explained all the parts that she did not understand. She now knows that if she does email or text messages, I will be able to see them. I will be able to see if she does video chats. I will be able to look at her social media and calendar. I will be able to know exactly where she is. Her response really did not surprise me. She did not mind that I would have full access. After all, she told me, what does she have to hide from me? It is not her that I am worried about, and she now understands that.

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