I Play Trivia for the Questions Not to Get a High Score

02 Feb

I like to play trivia games. However, I do it because the trivia I do not know is interesting to learn. I am not really interested in moving up level after level and getting super high scores. I am playing more for the content than the advancement in the game. I like to give answers when I can, but I also want to just see the answers I do not know. I don’t want to invest a lot of time and energy into game play. I rather it be relaxing. This is why I looked for Trivia crack more lives online so I could just keep going in that game I play.

I do not want the game to end and need to restart a level. I just want to progress and see more trivia. I suppose if you are a hardcore trivia game player who needs the affirmation high scores and playing within the rules gives, then you would not do this. However, my focus for trivia apps and game play is just to relax. I want to see a trivia question, mull over the answer for a moment and then give my guess. If I am wrong, then I just want to see the correct answer and move on. I do not need buzzers, flashing lights or anything like that. I just want the answers I don’t know so I can add the trivia to the repertoire in my head.

I tell people I have a brain packed full of generally useless trivia. It is fun to have those little tidbits of facts in conversation though. I don’t bring them up much. I used to , but then got compared to that mailman on that old TV sitcom who had an answer for everything. Now I just play my game, smile when I have the answer right and learn something new when I get it wrong. If I get stuck then I use my Trivia crack more lives to keep playing.

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