Having a Pretty Good Time This Summer

13 Aug

I have been spending the summer down here at my Grandfather’s place. I have been helping him around the place and working for his neighbor. I have a bunch of cousins down here and I have been playing video games with a lot of them. I figured out exactly why I can never beat my cousin Boo at Real Racing 3. I was playing around with his computer and I figured out that he had some Real Racing 3 cheats installed on his computer. Of course if you try to use those on a lot of servers they ban you and I am not going to play him any more and he can just cheat against other people. My main purpose is to try to save up some money to buy a car. I am old enough to get a car and I have enough money to buy a cheap car (around a thousand dollars or so). However in North Carolina you can not get a license to drive a car unless you have a car insurance policy.

So having the money to get a car does me no good if I can not afford to get insurance and my Dad thinks I am old enough to get a job on my own. My Grand Dad lives in town and there is a grocery store about a mile and a half away. I got a job there and if I got more hours it would be good enough to save up a bit of money. However since it is only about twenty hours a week all I can do is just try to save what I can. It is not easy, because like any other person I want to go out and have some fun. That is what you want the money for.

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