Fun Games to Play Online when You Are Bored, Restless or About to Lose Your Mind at Work

17 Oct

I like playing Flash games online. They are a fun pastime. I take a break from hectic work in the cubicle to play a game for a few minutes. Our boss actually likes us to do that instead of just plugging away when things are tough. Playing Ninja Go Entertainment games is my go-to break. The person in the next cubicle to me likes playing zombie games. I can see first-person shooter games being relaxing after hours of nerve-wracking time spent in a cubicle entering data.

A lot of us like to get outside and just enjoy some sunshine on a break. However, on the bad weather days, we just pretty much sit at our desks for most of the day. No, it is not the best for our health, but it is what it is. I just need to get my mind on something else besides work data. Playing the Ninja games is fun for me. When I can’t be out walking or playing a pickup game of basketball, at least the online games give me an outlet. Plus, they do not require a whole lot of thinking. The games are easy to play and fun. It is not like an epic battle online with my game console at home.

I have been playing the browser-based games ever since they first came out. Some people think they are lame, but they have not seen the latest generation of Flash games. I think they are quite sophisticated for the format they are written for. No, they are not 3D masterpiece games, but they sure are a fun and easy thing to do when you are bored or restless or about to lose your mind at work. They are like the office stress ball for me and a lot of my coworkers.

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