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I Have Fun with My Daughter and Challenge My Brain Every Day Now

18 Mar

I have had a very large desktop computer in my home for many years. I use it at times, but I am a very active person and I do not like to just sit in one location for very long. I have always been that way. My daughter said that she wants me to video chat with her more online because she is away at college in another state. She suggested that I get a tablet so that I can move around while using it. It was then that I found Prographo – mobile and tablet computing games and I have been hooked.

My daughter’s idea for me to get a tablet was brilliant. I move around my house all day, and I do not like to be stuck in one chair or one room. I may watch TV for a short while in my living room, then I will move to the kitchen and sit at the breakfast bar to have a cup of tea. After that, I might move out to the patio to spend some time with my dogs. I can also be found sitting outside on our boat dock admiring the sunset and the calm water near our home. Read the rest of this entry »

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